10 Must Visit U.S. Art Themed Restaurants For Artists

10 Must Visit U.S. Art Themed Restaurants For Artists

There are many restaurants in the United States that feature art as a prominent theme. These restaurants are a great way for artists to gain inspiration in an environment designed to enrich their dining experience through by engaging all their senses. Looking for one to visit? bellow are some of the top art-themed restaurants in the U.S:

Image source: Instagram @terzopianochicago

1. The Art Institute of Chicago's Terzo Piano - Located inside the Art Institute of Chicago, Terzo Piano offers a stunning view of the city skyline and Millennium Park. The restaurant features contemporary American cuisine and modern decor inspired by the museum's art collection.

Image source: Instagram @themodernnyc

2. The Modern - Located in New York City's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), The Modern offers contemporary cuisine and a sleek design that reflects the museum's aesthetic. The restaurant has two Michelin stars and a view of the sculpture garden.


Image source: Instagram @rielhouston

3. Riel - Located in Houston, Texas, this colorful restaurant features artwork from the local artist, Lee Carrier. It is named after Louis Riel: A political leader, rebel and eventual martry for his cause on preserving native lands.

Image source: Instagram @musketroom

4. The Musket Room - This Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City's Nolita neighborhood features New Zealand-inspired cuisine and a decor that highlights the owner's collection of antique muskets and other firearms.

Image source: Instagram @libertinesocial

5. Libertine Social- This Las Vegas, Nevada eatery, resembling an eclectic gastro pub, pays homage to the untamed, audacious spirit that defines the American people. A magnificent graffiti mural, conceived by the internationally acclaimed artist Alexis Diaz, graces the walls, vividly capturing Diaz's fascination with the wonders of nature, animals, and the realm of surrealism. Together, this harmonious fusion of bold cuisine and vibrant artistry creates an immersive experience that delights both the palate and the senses.

Image source: Instagram @artandsouldc

6. Art and Soul - This Washington, D.C. restaurant features Southern-inspired cuisine and a decor that reflects the city's cultural and political heritage. The walls are adorned with art by local artists.

Image source: Instagram @firerestaurantdenver

7. FIRE - Inside the Denver's ART Hotel, this unique restaurant doubles as an art gallery. Admire Joel Otterson's custom chandeliers, crafted from transformed found objects. Notable artist Larry Bell's work and custom installations add to the captivating ambiance. On the FIRE Terrace, a grand Allan Houser sculpture is framed by stunning views of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

Image source: Instagram @cindysrooftop

8. Cindy's - Stepping inside this Chicago restaurant, visitors are welcomed by an exquisite sight—a one-of-a-kind silkscreen masterpiece by the legendary Andy Warhol, featuring the captivating likeness of Cindy Pritzker. This remarkable portrait came to life during an impromptu visit to New York City in 1982, commissioned by Cindy and her late husband, Jay Pritzker. Today, this extraordinary artwork finds its rightful place in the private dining room of the rooftop restaurant and bar, crowning the Chicago Athletic Association hotel with an air of exclusivity and artistic allure.

Image source: Instagram @thebaratchichulygg

9. The Chihuly Garden and Glass Restaurant - Located in Seattle's Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, this restaurant offers contemporary American cuisine and a stunning view of the exhibit's glass sculptures.

Image source: Instagram @streettacony

10. The Street Taco - In its NYC grand opening back in April 2017, Street Taco embarked on a creative journey, enlisting the talents of three distinct artists to bring their vision to life within the restaurant's vibrant space. Renowned tattoo artist Mike Rubendall from Kings Avenue Tattoo lent his mastery to the project, infusing it with a unique ink-inspired flair. The walls became a canvas for Miami muralist Nicole Salgar, who brought her artistic prowess all the way from Brooklyn, leaving behind her mesmerizing creations. Adding a touch of wit and charm, Irish painter and decorator Simon Robinson crafted a playful homage to the iconic hashtag, #BadHombre. With this artistic collaboration, Street Taco transformed into a captivating haven where different styles and talents seamlessly intertwine, offering a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

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