About Us

Custom Made in the USA

Custom Canvas Store, from its beginning in 1994 has been focused on providing the highest quality wholesale custom blank canvas to artists, designers and other wholesale businesses.

Our pre-stretched, artist grade canvases can be found in galleries, commercial properties, multi family living spaces as well as residential single family homes all over the United States.

We specialize in selling blank canvases at non-traditional, odd sizes not typically found in stores. Our sizes range from medium to large, and even extra large. Whatever odd size you need, we have it! 

Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee the quality of all of our products. Each canvas is custom built and stretched in house at our facility in Houston, TX. From cutting and joining the stretcher bars, to assembling and packaging, our attention to detail is always at the forefront when building your canvas. 

We take pride in the craftsmanship of our product. Before shipping, each canvas is thoroughly inspected before leaving our warehouse. Buying from the source ensures the quality of your product. We want you to not just like your custom canvas, but love it!

How Your Canvas is Stretched