How to safely store your canvas art painting

Beginner Artist Tips: How To Safely Store Your Canvas Paintings

Whether you love making art, or collecting it, knowing how to store your paintings properly is a skill every artist should have. But how do you preserve your precious art for years to come? Well, today we will discuss some beginner friendly tips to help you safely store your canvas paintings whether at home or in storage. 

Make Sure Your Canvas Painting is in Good Condition. 

When it comes to moving or storing your art, the first thing to do is always the same: look closely at each piece to check it's condition. If you see any problems with the painting or its frame, it's a good idea to fix those issues before putting up your artwork.

Also, there are a few things that can harm your paintings when you're trying to store them. Even though you might not mean to, things like rips, smudges, fingerprints, and stains can happen if you're not very careful with your art. So, it's important to be gentle with it. And watch out for things like sunlight and the weather too. Sunlight has strong light that can make your art fade and become more delicate over time.

Store Your Painting in a Cool, Dry Space

The next thing to consider is the location you plan on storing your canvas painting. When choosing a spot, check if there will be direct sunlight hitting the area, or if its too hot or humid. Direct sunlight touching your art can cause the paint to fade over time. Additionally, rapid changes in temperature can make your canvas expand or contract, which can distort the artwork. Humidity can also encourage mold growth. To avoid these issues, it is best to store your art in a dry space with stable room temperature and no humidity. 

 Use Cloth to Cover Your Paintings

A first layer of protection is important if you plan on storing your artwork for a while. Covering your pieces with a layer of cloth protects it against dust and dirt that may accumulate over time. Make sure to fully cover the entire canvas with cloth for complete protection. You can also use bubble wrap, but be care using in in humid conditions so it doesn't accumulate moisture. 

Store Your Painting in a Mirror Box or Cardboard Box. 

Mirror boxes are sturdy and protective, making them an excellent option for safeguarding your artwork. Regardless of what you're preserving, whether it's oil paintings on canvas or framed sketches, mirror boxes offer reliable protection against both pests and damage.

Mirror boxes can be found in home improvement stores or moving and packing supply shops. While you're shopping, don't forget to get acid-free packing paper to ensure optimal preservation! If you can't find a mirror box then a regular cardboard box works just fine! Just ensure you provide extra shielding around the artwork, like a custom-sized Styrofoam enclosure or packing paper, before placing it into a well-fitting cardboard box for added protection.

Store Your Artwork in The Proper Orientation

Storing your artwork in the proper orientation is another thing to consider. You don't want to lay down your artwork flat as it can lead to warping and sagging. It is best to keep your canvas painting upright to not only prevent distortion, but also prevents dirt, dust, and pests from accumulating on your artwork. 

Also, you may think that removing your canvas from its stretcher bars and rolling it may be a good way to save space, but in the long run, it isn't a good idea! The stretcher bars and frame offer structural support that keeps your canvas painting in good condition and prevents it from being damaged. 

If you are an artist, or art collector, hopefully these beginner friendly tips will help you safely store and protect your artwork for years to come! 


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