Why Artists Love our Custom Blank Canvases

Artist canvas is a fundamental material for creating artworks, and it is used by artists to create paintings and other works of art. Canvas is a woven fabric that is traditionally made from cotton or linen, although other materials such as polyester or blends of materials can also be used. The canvas is stretched tightly over a wooden frame, called a stretcher, to create a smooth, flat surface on which the artist can work.

The use of canvas as a support for paintings dates back to the Renaissance, when it became popular as an alternative to the traditional wooden panel. Canvas was preferred over panels because it was lighter, easier to transport, and less prone to warping or cracking. Additionally, canvas allowed artists to create larger paintings, which were in high demand during the time.

Our blank artists canvases are made out of cotton. Cotton canvas is the most commonly used type of canvas due to its affordability and availability. It is suitable for a wide range of painting techniques, including oil, acrylic, and watercolor. We offer custom sized cotton canvases, whether small, medium, large and even extra large! Visit our store page to get your custom size blank artist canvas today!

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